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Posted by Donahue Real Estate Company on 7/10/2015

The following is the Single Family Homes sold in Walpole, MA. If you would like more detailed information about a home or homes sold, we will provide that information as requested. The home sale data is important because it is fresh evidence of how the real estate market in Walpole, MA is performing. Sold data is the true barometer when conducting a market analysis. Some consumers and real estate agents wrongly use current available properties as a lead basis for pricing analysis. Although, current inventory should be considered because of the competition factor. The true meaning of a home present value is what like/similar homes have recently sold for. The following homes closed between 6/1/15-6/30/15. 3 Bellingham Street, 2BR/1BA, Ranch, DOM=89, SP=$269,900 9 Pocahontas Street, 3BR/2BA, Cape, DOM=31, SP=$329,000 538 Washinton Street, 4BR/3BA, Colonial, DOM=22, SP=$530,000 12 Darwin Lane, 4BR/2.5BA, Colonial, DOM=26, SP=$631,000 15 Audubon Drive, 4BR/2.5BA, Colonial, DOM=11, SP=$619,900 2 Metacomet Street, 4BR/2.5BA, Colonial, DOM=21, SP=$679,000 74 Common Street, 5BR/3.5BA, Colonial, DOM=340, SP=$686,250 11 Cornfield Lane, 4BR/3.5BA, Colonial, DOM=86, SP=$727,000 15 Vintage Farm Lane, 5BR/4.5BA, Colonial, DOM=364, SP=$720,000 5 Lady Slipper Drive, 4BR/4.5BA, Colonial, DOM=15, SP=$1,127,585 5 Shady Lane, 4BR/4.5BA, Colonial, DOM=22, SP=$1,147,558 There are currently 45 Single Family Homes under agreement in Walpole and 88 Single Family Homes on the market. To see all Single Family Homes available in Walpole click here.